IoT Kit for the Raspberry Pi

Add the power of remote connections & mobile to your Raspberry Pi in as little as 15 minutes


The IoT Kit brings all the power of the Weaved Internet of Things fabric to Raspberry Pi in an easy to use solution, so that you can make your Pi application available remotely from any browser or smartphone. And with the free iOS app, setting up your Pi to send you push notifications is a snap.

How it Works

The Weaved IoT kit brings the power of Software Defined Networking (SDN) to any networked device. The installer for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black has presets for common services and the ability to configure Weaved for any TCP based service you want to make available remotely – securely and without port forwarding!

SSH on port 22
Web (http) on port 80
WebIOPI on port 8000 (Raspberry Pi only)
VNC on port 5901
Custom TCP service on any port you like


Whether on your computer or iOS/Android device, you probably have a favorite SSH client. The SSH option configures Weaved to connect to port 22. Once you’ve set up SSH, simply login to and we’ll give you an IP address:port combination that you can copy and paste to your SSH client to connect. Don’t worry, that IP:port combination provides a secure, encrypted connection valid for a single session.

Web (http) on port 80

If you have developed an application for your Raspberry Pi that uses a web browser for the user interface, then this option is ideal for you. It is also the option if you use an application like OpenSprinkler that uses a web-interface for the controls. This option is pre-configured for port 80, but don’t worry, all Weaved based connections are secure even if not using SSL. The free iOS app also includes a built in web browser, so you can use that to connect as well.

WebIOPI (Raspberry Pi only)

This setting is for developers who wish to use WebIOPI, a popular customizable IoT Framework developed for Raspberry Pi by Eric Ptak. WebIOPi offers the ability to directly control your Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs through a web interface, as well as support for a variety of popular sensors and other devices using i2c, SPI, or serial interfaces. Eric and his community were part of our private beta testing & were instrumental in helping us put the product together. With Weaved the interface is immediately accessible from either a browser or the Weaved iOS app.

Custom TCP service

This last setting is intended for advanced users who would like to use the Weaved services for custom applications. Weaved can be set to work with any port & will work with any standard internet protocol. We’ll soon also be releasing tools for other platforms, so developers will be able to build end-to-end custom Internet of Things applications, with the secure Weaved services.

Push Notifications to iOS Devices

Weaved also installs customizable scripts for sending push notifications to iOS devices. These scripts give you the flexibility to send custom messages from your own program running on the Raspberry Pi to your iPhone or iPad.